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(Use these questions to help guide your conversation)

Do you have a Christian background?

Do you know where you will go when you die?

Why do you think you will get into Heaven?

What does it take for a person to go to Heaven?
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Name of person visited / called:
Prospect's Spouse (if any):
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  Made phone call. No one answered. However, an encouraging message was left on the answering machine.
  Made phone call. Spoke to guest. Invited to church this Sunday.
  Made visit. Would not speak with us. Please remove from prospect list.
  Made visit. Asked Key Questions. Invited to join us again on Sunday.
  Made visit. Asked Key Questions. Repented of sin. Was willing to forsake their sin and place their faith in Jesus!
  Made Visit. Asked Key Questions. Likely to return on Sunday.
  Made Visit. Asked Key Questions. Still looking around for a church. Call at a later date to follow up.
  Made Visit. Already saved. Please read comments below.
  Made visit. Please have one of our Pastoral Staff contact this guest. See notes below for additional information.
Comments:  Please provide details about your visit, spiritual condition of family, need for baptism, need for counseling, etc.
Biker Bible Study 7th Grade Girls Preschool
Mollie Bisnett 7th Grade Boys Children
Ed Yirka 8th Grade Girls      
Bert Shiver 8th Grade Boys      
Rich Peavy 9th Grade Girls      
Mitch Timberlake 9th Grade Boys      
Randy Bryan 10th Grade Girls      
Brian Owens 10th Grade Boys      
Martha Henslee 11th Grade Girls      
Jerry Ruiter 11th Grade Boys      
Ray Steele 12th Grade Girls      
Dewayne James 12th Grade Boys      
Curtis Pearce            
Jimmy Belger            
Terry Moore            
Judy Dixon            
James Jett            
Bryan McNair            
Clay Harris            
David Poupard / Tim Nguyen            
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